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Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria, Germany


Dinkelsbühl, Germany is located on the Romantic Road in Bavaria and is one of the only remaining walled medieval towns in Germany. Dinkelsbühl is a former free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire. The city survived unscathed during both World Wars and is surrounded by a 1.5-mile wall studded with 16 towers. It can be accessed from Autobahn 7 and Route 25 on a trip between the walled cities of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Nördlingen.

Wornitz Gate(Wornitz Gate)

First mentioned in official documents in 1188, Dinkelsbühl is believed to have been founded almost 300 years earlier.  From a distance you can these beautiful towers (I believe the Green Tower is the one in the foreground of my top photo), some with gates like the Wörnitztor (or Wornitz Gate).

Inside the gates you will be delighted with the jampacked, colorful half-timbered houses inside the walls with practically every building aged between 200 and 600 years old. The Stadtbibliothek Dinkelsbühl Public Library) is a striking example.

Public Library
(Public Library)

Fortified by Emperor Henry V, in 1305 Dinkelsbühl was raised to the position of a Free Imperial City.  Some of you may know that the film The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)was filmed on location in Dinkelsbühl.

Statue of Christoph von Schmid
Statue of Christoph von Schmid)

The Catholic parish cathedral of St. Georg (Münster St. Georg), located in the middle of the city was built between 1448 and 1499.  Adjacent to the cathedral is the statue of Christoph von Schmid. He was a writer of children’s stories and an educator. His stories were very popular and translated into many languages. His best known work in the English-speaking world is The Basket of Flowers (Das Blumenkörbchen).

wornitz dam

Wornitz River Ducks

The city is divided by the Wörnitz River and I would advise a nice walk along the pedestrian bridge across the river dam to a riverside park.  At the other end is the 3D Museum which is exceptional fun if you like optical illusions.


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