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Denmark's new tourist attraction: virtual reality


A Danish game and technology company is opening a 'virtual reality' store that may be the first of its kind: a brick-and-mortar store that sells technology and also offers portals into various virtual experiences.

The Khora store opens Friday in Copenhagen's Kodben district. On offer will be VR glasses that work with smartphones, VR games, and in-store experiences that allow visitors to experience entering a Van Gogh painting, visiting Mars, or shooting zombies (only virtual zombies, of course). Other experiences include visits to various areas around the world.

Virtual reality has become a hot topic in the past year or so, with Google's Occulus system going mainstream, along with offerings from Sony, HTC and others. Content sources such as the New York Times (which distributed viewers to its subscribers) have gone in for more VR presentations as well.

While games and travel experiences have been a major part of VR's use so far, its proponents see the big future in industry and education, with many uses in training and presentations.

For more on the Khora store and VR, from, click HERE


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