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Denmark: Catch a trout, save the environment


It's a fish-eat-fish world out there, and Danish authorities are concerned about it, because a cut net at a fish farm has released 80,000 rainbow trout in an area where they may endanger native sea trout.

The fish were accidentally released when a cargo ship went through the net. The rainbow trout feed on the eggs of other fish. And just ahead now is spawning time for the local sea trout. Danish environment groups are calling on fishermen to catch as many rainbows as they can.

At least one hotel in the area, the Hindsgavl Slot, is offering 35% discounts and prizes for those who catch the most. The fishing app Fishbrain is also on the case, alerting app users. Fishermen are already flocking to the area from Germany, Norway and England as well as elsewhere in Denmark.

So, if you were looking for an excuse to take a little trip and enjoy some it is!

Photo: rainbow trout at a fish farm in Armenia (Narek75/Wikimedia)

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