Delta invents first class for pets


You may be stuck in economy, but Delta Airlines has come up with a first-class option for your pets: A high-tech highly-visible pet cabin that provides feeding, water, air-conditioning and real-time tracking.

Developed in partnership with pet travel company CarePod, the carriers are intended to prevent the kinds of pet deaths in cargo that have made headliines in recent years and allow passengers to feel comfortable with Rover in cargo instead of pretending to be an Emotional Support Animal.

The carriers are bright pink for visibility, have spill-proof water bowls that refill automatically, insulated walls, and light features designed to be calming in an unfamiliar environment. GPS tracking allows both the carrier and the pet owner to track the carrier in real time. They are big enough for a 50-pound dog.

But about that headline...about first class. It's not just the accommodations that merit the tag, it's also the price. Would you believe $850 per flight? In most cases that will be more than the pet owner's ticket!

For now, the new pods are only available on flights originating in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and West Palm Beach, but will ultimately be available throughout Delta's domestic network.


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