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December 7, 2018: White Ibis, Florida


I'd never seen White Ibis before visiting Florida years ago.  It's a rather common bird in the Gulf Coast region, extending from the Mid-Atlantic coast to Mexico.  The white ibis prefers living around marshy and swampy ground.  It's obviously a white bird, with pale facial skin and pink beak and legs.  Apparently the legs turn scarlet during mating season.  Males are larger and have longer bills than females. 

01 White Ibis

02 White Ibis

Their diet consists primarily of small aquatic insects and fish, including crayfish, although these freeloaders were enjoying a meal provided Flamingo Gardens.

03 White Ibis

04 White Ibis


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  • 00 White Ibis
  • 01 White Ibis
  • 02 White Ibis
  • 03 White Ibis
  • 04 White Ibis

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