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Dec. 1, 2019: Asbury Park Convention Hall, NJ


In 1927, the City of Asbury Park, on the New Jersey shore, decided that it wanted a theater and meeting hall, to try to compete with Atlantic City. They hired the firm of Warren and Westmore, who had designed NYC" Grand Central Station, to build the Convention Hall and Paramount Theater.

convention hall

convention center windowsLooking out from the halls's arcade to the boardwalk

hanging wreathsInside the hall, they were getting ready for their Christmas Celebration

paramount theaterThe Paramont Theater

ale house and theaterNew and old in Asbury Park



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  • convention hall
  • ale house and theater
  • paramount theater
  • hanging wreaths

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During the 1940s, when I was 6 to 8 years old,  my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunt stayed in a boarding house in Ocean Grove on (known then as Decoration Day) Memorial Day weekend. 

We'd walk the Boardwalk, through the Casino, maybe I'd ride the merry-go-round, and we'd roll balls up a ramp and score points for more chances to play. 

At that tender age, I found the Convention Center awesome. 

Here's a bit of its history: https://noweverthen/asbury/ap1fold/ap1.7.html


Marilyn Jones posted:

I lived on the Jersey Shore about 15 years ago and remember Asbury Park well. It is so nice to see how far they have come during the past decade!

In the middle 50's, my parents bought in Shrewsbury. I moved to NYC, but visited over the years and on occasion drove to Asbury. The town sure deteriorated. The Boardwalk, a mess. Shops closed. No Salt Water Taffy. The Palace amusements gone (Still have a brass ring from their Merry-G0-Round). Then surprise, surprise. Renewal. Hurrah! 

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