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Czechoslovak Hussite Church of Our Lady, Old Town, Prague


One of the first things I wanted to see in Prague, besides the Charles Bridge, was Old Town Square.  I really wanted to see the astrologocal clock, but it was not working due to repairs and renovations. Sadly, this seemed to happen in every country we visited.

Even though we didn’t get to see the clock working, I was quite impressed by the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.  Also known as The Church of Our Lady before Tyn, it is most likely the second signature landmark in Old Town Square.

Church of Our Lady - Inside 2

This beautiful Christian church that separated from the Roman Catholic Church after World War I in former Czechoslovakia.  It traces its tradition back to the Hussite reformers and acknowledges Jan Hus (John Huss) as its predecessor. It was well-supported by Czechoslovakia's first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who himself belonged to the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, The main Protestant denomination in what is now the Czech Republic.

Church of Our Lady - Inside 3

The Church of Our Lady contains mixed Protestant, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and national elements. Classifying it as any single one is disputable. The church describes itself as neo-Hussite. The interior of the church, especially the altar, is one of the most elaborate ones in the Czech Republic; its centerpiece is the portrayal of the rise of Virgin Mary to Heaven. As you can see the church also has some amazing chandeliers.

Church of Our Lady - Inside 1

We didn’t notice it while there, but the two signature towers are not identical.  One of them is more elaborate and wider.  Supposedly it represents the stronger part of the family, the man. I have a few thoughts on that but will keep them to myself, lol.  Even though they are different, both towers are 80 m high and topped by four small spires.  The Church of Our Lady is imposing, dominant and intimidating at times, especially at night. The two towers are illuminated and often portray a fairy tale-like ambiance.

Church of Our Lady - Outside 2Regrettably we didn't make it there at night. We opted to walk along the Charles Bridge again. However, we will definitely be back to Old Town Square and will check it out at night. Hopefully on our next trip the clock will be working. Here is a link to their website with more information.


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