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Mar. 21, 2017: Cyclo Tour, Ho Chi Minh City


A cyclo is three-wheeled bicycle taxi popular in Vietnam and, for an afternoon, my transportation around bustling Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

I was with an Exodus Travels tour group — my family for two weeks last summer. Almost the entire group decided to go on the tour. We were going on an adventure with Cyclo City Tour along main thoroughfares and into back alleys.

CycloTour 11

At first it was a little unnerving out in traffic; hundreds of motorcycles and cars swallowing us up as our faithful guides and cyclists took us past towering skyscrapers and beautiful parks. Soon though, I relaxed and just trusted I would be safe.

CycloTour 17

Soon we left the busy street and headed down an alley that was a flower market. We were immediately surrounded by colorful blossoms; their scent floating on a slight breeze. Stopping, we were able to admire the arrangements, creative bouquets and unusual varieties up close.

CycloTour 21

Back on the bike we headed down residential streets. Children waved from balconies and we were met by smiles at every turn. We also made a stop at a Buddhist temple before heading back out into traffic for the journey back to the hotel.

CycloTour 2

It was a fantastic afternoon in this vibrant city.

If you are interested in a cyclo tour, ask the concierge at your hotel for recommendations.

CycloTour 9


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