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Customer Nonservice/A First Step to Take

What happens when something goes wrong after dealing with a travel company? If customer service won't help, what is your next step? Below, I'll suggest a way to start. I hope others will add their suggestions too. I've had a string of bad customer service in the past year and the travelers I'm talking to are saying the same thing.


Consumer Advocate Chris Elliott has a great website and list for different travel companies contact people.


These people seem to help after customers have received no help from regular customer service. Try those contacts before proceeding to the next step. I have had those contacts personally work for me and several others have reported back his list of contacts has done wonders.


You can always write Chris Elliott, too and he will try to help.He likes a paper trail so be sure to do things in writing rather than over the phone. If he doesn't list the contacts for the company you need, there are ways of finding the contact information yourself and writing those people. I believe PHeymont has the info on that and I'll ask him to post a follow up.


Since your next steps might vary depending on the circumstances and regulatory agencies, post about them here and we will try to point you in the right direction if we are able to. Above all,stay persistent if you believe you're in the right.



If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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Travel Rob is right on about being persistent--and organized.

What I will find and post later is information I got originally from Rob on how to figure the contacts when they're not listed!


I'd also add: When you've got the contacts, write directly to the top, explaining how disappointed you are that a company with such a good reputation has done such a poor job for you. No heat, no accusations, no names: The point is to get your case in the hands of the assistant whose job is to smooth the waters...and it works!

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