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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov. 7, 2013: Bicycle taxi, Santa Clara, Cuba.





Cuba- A surprise around every corner !


Santa Clara, Cuba has a Central "Town Square" in the typical Spanish style. 

It  has Trees for shade and long benches for seating.  The locals meet there.

The School kids in their immaculate uniforms eat lunch from their plastic box. Drink from their recycled plastic water bottles. They talk, they laugh. No cell phones. No gadgets. No skateboards. Nice - well behaved kids.


The Retired men have their corner. They wear their good clothes to meet their friends. Probably putting the world to rights ! And the Tourists wander through with their Cameras and Phones and no one bothers you. No hands out for charity. 


Santa Clara is a prosperous Town in Cuba. Famous for its high quality hand made shoes.

They have Boulevards of shops - with goods for sale. That's quite a rarity in Cuba !

You'll see 1950's American Cars. New Chinese Cars, Buses and Bicycles.  But mostly you'll see everyday folks, walking in their best clothes. Ladies with their parasols and the men with their heavy loads balanced on a Bicycle while they walk alongside.



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Me too DrFumblefinger ! The Oxen pulling ploughs I've seen in Lancaster PA. but if you need a vase for Flowers (Birthdays) you get the bottom half of a 2 litre plastic Coke Bottle with wrapping paper around it. Looks quite good really ! But the bit that hurts is seeing folks suffer from curable things - like thyroid problems - that we take for granted now as being treatable. Homeopathy and Voodoo prevail... really !


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Thanks for the link T&N. Bill Gates funds the School of Tropical Medicine here in Liverpool in its search for better treatment and a cure for Malaria.

But tales of Save the Planet are all Hogwash. People who live in cool climates - like me - cant wait for the climate to warm up. When the Vikings discovered Greenland a thousand years ago they described it as a "Green and pleasant land with pastures and animals" - and now its just a frozen waste again ! Turn up the CO2 !

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