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Crazy destinations where Humans find ways to exist in Harsh and Hostile Environments



Our world is a complex and diverse place, and due to its dense population, people need to exist in a variety of different environments. Some of these environments seem so incredibly hostile; it is a miracle any life can flourish there, least of all human! But thanks to our adaptability, resourcefulness and in some cases, plain old evolution, life has indeed found away.

Take a look at some of the most extreme places where communities live and seemingly, even happily!

Australian Outback

A barren wilderness, remote to the point of desolate, the Outback is not to be confused with the Australian 'bush'. Bush signifies vegetation and prosperity, whereas the Outback is lacking. The desert in the Outback is dry due to the extreme temperatures and lack of respite from the elements. It's, for this reason, few people forge a life here and those who do have been living there for over 50,000 years – native Australians or Aboriginals. They are accustomed to the heat, and they know the lands and how to use them to their advantage. They also know how to avoid the poisonous snakes, which could be their end if not handled correctly!

If your wanderlust takes you to this part of the world, ensure you go well-equipped with all your medication and a good first aid kit from Click Pharmacy.  Just in case you find yourself not quite as able to deal with your surroundings, of course!

Arctic Circle

In direct contrast to the extreme heat of the Outback comes the Arctic Circle. Icy tundra and glaciers create stunning scenery but are not conducive to easy living! The people making the most of their land, farming and growing crops where possible. Fishing is a necessity for many. Bodies are protected from the cold by wearing animal fur and products are made of seal skin to make good use of what is available nearby.


Perhaps the most difficult place to live, the jungle holds so much intrigue and mystery for many. On the one hand, there is an abundance of life so as with the other extreme destinations, learning the way to work the land to your advantage is key to survival here. Cultures have flourished without the need for modern advancements, just their own knowledge built up over generations. On the other hand, and particularly for tourists, the environment means infections are easy, and the creatures that live there pose serious health risks. There might also be a lack of sophisticated medicine nearby.

To survive in harsh and hostile environments is to learn from those who have lived before you and use the lands as they did, using hard work and being resourceful. Those skills must then be passed down to your next generation and evolution will continue, ensuring the inhabitants become more and more accustomed to life in these tough places.

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