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Comfort and Style on the Go: Clothes for Women on the Road


As a woman who travels a lot, I have come a long way from packing a ton of unnecessary things in a huge suitcase, to being able to squeeze into a medium-sized one (or even a carry-on, depending on where I’m going). Two things I always struggle with is how to be comfortable without losing anything of my style. Luckily, I have learned a few things about staying comfy and stylish while on the go along the way and I’ll share some of my secrets with you.


After trying to keep up with trends and stay elegant while traveling, I have made it a rule to always have my backpack with me. I have previously traveled with super-sized tote bags, but trying to fit all my necessities in resulted in destroyed bags and crushed belongings. Luckily for me, backpacks have once again become fashionable and I can wear them with both sneakers and heels and still look good. I keep my wallet, documents, change of clothes, and a small beauty bag in, and somehow there’s still room for a book and a notepad. Backpack has proven to be the most convenient as well as fashionable at-hand travel bag, and I would not leave it behind for the world!



The ongoing debate: can (and should) leggings be worn as pants or not? After traveling in sweats, jeans, and different kinds of pants for a long time, I have to say that leggings are, by far, the most comfortable piece of clothes to travel in. They might not have pockets, but they’re simple, versatile, and designed for movement. I usually pair them up with different tunics, and even when I’m not wearing them, I have a pair stashed in my travel bag or backpack because sooner or later I go back to them. Besides leggings, I usually travel in yoga and harem pants, as well as a lovely pair of dressy sweatpants.


As a frequent flier I am aware how much the temperature may change during the one flight: you may enter the plane in scorching heat, freeze during the flight and snuggle a blanket, and land just when the rain is about to start. This is why I’m a huge fan of layering: simple striped stretchy tee and an elegant cardigan, silk camisole and embroidered bomber jacket, or a long T-shirt and a fluffy hoodie. Layering is great because you can always dress up or dress down however you like: soft ponchos, silk scarves, and oversized sweaters can hide a casual or an elegant outfit, and you can look great and feel comfy at the same time.


There’s one rule I’ve made over the years: I never wear lace-up shoes if I’m about to travel for several long hours. Simple slip-on shoes are usually the best choice, but I also like espadrilles, and I absolutely love stylish Menorcan sandals with glitters because they are as cute as they are comfortable.  I usually pack flats and some sandals, but I rarely pack high heels because they take up a lot of room in my suitcase. Flat, versatile shoes which can be worn when heading out for a walk, but which complement a glamorous outfit when you’ve planned a night out are the best ones to have with you when traveling.

The most important thing you should keep in mind when you’re packing for a trip is that you will be spending a lot of time on the move: in the car, on the bus, plane, or train… When packing, think about all those long hours you will need to reach your destination and decide what’s more important: to look cute or to be able to relax and enjoy the trip. After years of traveling (and occasional suffering), I always pick the latter.


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