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Check those light-sabers: Disney bars weapons and costumes


Walt Disney World is setting up metal detectors after the recent arrest of a man trying to bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom, and has announced new rules banning not only weapons, but also costumes for anyone over 14 years old.

The metal detectors, already in use at a number of other U.S. theme parks, including Six Flags, are expected to be copied shortly by Universal, Sea World and others. Visitors will be randomly selected for screening.

In addition to banning costumes for teens and adults, the park will stop selling toy guns including waterguns to avoid confusing staff who are on the alert for real ones. In addition to the costume ban, rules now state that "clothing that drags the ground is prohibited. Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search."

For more details from The Telegraph (UK) click HERE

Photo of Disney World screening station: Kimberley Button on Twitter


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