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Centennial Covered Bridge


My husband Gene and I continue on our tour of covered bridges near Eugene, Oregon.

This one is Centennial Covered Bridge. It is a Howe truss structure that is 84 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 14 feet high. Today it is a pedestrian and bicycle-only bridge and spans the Coast For Willamette River. A very historical bridge too, as it was in 1987 which was the hundredth year since the founding of the city of Cottage Grove. Another note of history, it was made from timbers salvaged from the Meadows and Brumbaugh bridges which had been dismantled in 1979. Love when things are repurposed this way.

Covered Bridges - Centennial 2This was actually the first bridge we toured and it leads to the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center. The article stated that this was a great place to begin our self-guided tour. Since we didn’t have any real plans on which to see first, this sounded as good a place as any to start.

The fun thing is that we actually ran into another couple who were doing the same thing and just started as well. We ended up following each other to all of the bridges except the last two. I think they either stopped, paused, or went a different direction. Either way, it was kind of fun to share this little adventure with those who also enjoyed bridges.


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