Cape Breton Miners Museum, Glace Bay


Cape Breton Miners Museum in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia pays tribute to the region’s rich history of coal mining. 1535032589039_1



This may be one of the most moving tours I've been on, maybe because retired miners give the underground mine tours. Plus, being in a real mine setting really gives insight about how hard the miners and their families had it. Be forewarned, if you are tall or have any back issues, it might be a hard tour because you'll be bending for about 50 minutes. 



Eric, our mining guide, told the history of mining in Glace Bay and how, in the early days, the choice for men and boys was to work in the mine or have their families starve. Boys started in the mine at age 10. He also told of tragic mining accidents, namely the Westray Mine explosion that killed 26 of his mining co-workers, many personal friends. He also talked about how safety conditions and wages  improved in the later years. At this time, no major mines are operating in Cape Breton.



Besides the mine tour, there is a miners museum, a historic village and a restaurant where you can learn more about the history of mining, the company homes and the company store which kept the miners, and their families, dependent on the mines.


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