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Calm before the Storm, Greece


Bookings for holidays in Greece apparently have sky-rocketed now that the pandemic restrictions have been eased and the summer season there is expected to be very busy. We have always preferred to visit Greece outside the peak season and this year we went at the end of May.

Whilst the weather might not be quite as warm or reliable at this time, you get a chance to explore and enjoy things without the crowds. We also like the feeling that everything is just starting to get going. The photo at the top was taken at a taverna in Nas on the island of Ikaria, as was the next one.


I think they neatly sum up what I was referring to: nothing much is happening yet, but it looks like that might change quite soon.

We enjoy going for walks in the countryside and the pre-season is a good time for that. On most days we did not meet anybody else.


The photo below is from one of our walks in the woods - I liked the pattern of the oleander blossoms that had fallen into a little stream by the side of the path.


We have been to Ikaria on numerous occasions, but had never spent much time on the eastern side. On this visit we stayed there for a few days. The photos below were taken in and around the village of Faros.


Again, it turned out to be very quiet there and I think the pictures convey this feeling of tranquillity. By now empty tables next to the beach will probably be at a premium.

The early season offers other advantages, too. I am quite fond of loquats, for example, and they are only available at this time of year.



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