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Burning train, car crashes, 100 actors: The Bridge holds a drill


In a whirl of activity in a setting familiar to fans of the Scandinavian TV series The Bridge, the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark held a huge emergency drill earlier this month.

The bridge, which carries both trains and cars, was shut down for three hours while emergency services from both countries carried out the drill, which started with a train fire that sent 100 actors into the tunnel leading onto the bridge and calling emergency services.

They then fled through safety doors into the roadway, where numbers were 'struck' by cars and others 'trampled.' Many of them were made up to show their injuries for the paramedics' attention.

The consortium that runs the bridge says the drill was to ensure whether knowledge of escape routes and access to them is sufficient in case of serious accidents on the crossing. As it happens, police were not satisfied with the time it took for the alarm from the burning train to reach them.

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