Bringit app: 'hands-free' baggage


If you've ever wished someone else could pick up your bags from the carousel and get them to your doorstep, or would have liked someone else to get them to the airport while you traveled 'hands-free' your wish may have come true with Bringit, a new service that just opened in Miami.

For $25, Bringit will take two bags to or from the airport and either deliver them to your address or meet you at your airline's check-in counter. That covers 10 miles; outside that range it costs $1 per mile more.

Bringit says its couriers will  pick up and wrap luggage with a tamper-proof recyclable/reusable plastic bag that is sealed with a unique number and QR code for tracking and will then drop off the bags at the requested airline counter (like a valet service). 

New York is next on Bringit's plans, starting later this month. After that they plan to expand city by city, with each city having its own equivalent pickup or delivery price. With the New York launch, the company will also launch its smartphone app for Android and iOS.

Bringit also hopes to negotiate permission to move the delivery one step further: They'd like to get past the counter and security. Airportr, a somewhat similar service operating in London, has worked with several airlines to allow the bags to be checked in so the passenger only sees them again at their destination.

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