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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov 15 2013: Blue Lady at White Waltham - retro-revival in England

3 - Blue lady at White Waltham-Increasingly popular in England and throughout Europe are “Retro Revival” weekend gatherings featuring original 1950’s rock and roll bands and also some very good 2000’s Tribute Acts recreating the sights, sounds and styles of the era.


All who attend the weekends are encouraged to come in “the right kit” - flowing elegant 1950‘s dresses for the ladies and pretty much anything from 1940's-50’s for the gents. This produces a sea of magnificent period costumes with plenty of colour, hair styles and accessories as well as a number of clearly re-invented costumes that span several fashion statements.... All excellent and most enjoyable.


Exhibitions of immaculate American and British cars of that period are  indispensable to these occasions, many of them presented cosmetically and mechanically better then when they first came out of the original dealer’s show room! Some of these British revivals festivals now boast the largest number of such vehicles in Europe gathered at any one time.


During the weekend, we are often fortunate enough to have an aerial fly-past from the dwindling numbers of original WW2 aircraft, such as the Battle of Britain Memorial Squadron which comprises Spitfire and Hurricane fighter aircraft and a massive 4-engined Lancaster bomber.


I was exceptionally lucky to capture this photo of this lovely young lady who had dressed perfectly for the occasion and who kindly responded positively to my "do you mind if I take this photo?" request. The colours of the scene and the fitting period background items are all that I could have wished for, plus, such a pretty smile!





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  • Blue lady at White Waltham: A pretty pout from a lovely lady

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