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Big fine for one-armed border violation


Norwegian police have slapped a woman with a $900 fine for illegally crossing the border between Norway and Russia with her left arm. She was caught on CCTV and tracked down by local police.

The incident took place at Treirksrøyen, a spot in far northern Norway where Russia, Finland and Norway meet at a cairn topped by what locals call the "heart stone." The woman is alleged to have reached up and hugged the stone, thereby putting her arm in Russia. It appears that whatever part protruded into Finland was legal.

The accused refused to pay the instant fine and faces a trial that could increase the fine to over $1000 and include up to 19 days in prison if she loses.

A spokesperson for local police told the VG newspaper that “There are quite strict rules when it comes to crossing the border...I do not have the exact number, but there are so many cases like this where it is common for us.”

Image above shows the Norwegian and Finnish sides of the stone; the photographer clearly chose not to take a chance on the Russian side.

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