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Berlin's airport tragedy of errors continues

Berlin's long-delayed (it was supposed to open in 2008) new airport will now have a new delay: work was stopped today when it was determined that the terminal roof may not be strong enough to support the air-conditioning units that have recently been installed.


The airport, called Berlin-Brandenburg-Willy Brandt, is intended to replace Berlin's crowded and outdated Tegel, the old East German Sonnenfeld, and the now-closed Tempelhof. It now appears that the current target date, early 2017, can't be met because of the new stoppage.


Previous troubles included redesign of a ventilation system that could have filled the terminal with smoke, substandard materials and most recently a corruption scandal involving contractors and local politicians. As well, the company with the contract for the interior fittings has gone into bankruptcy.


Germans, with a national reputation for efficiency and accuracy, are split between amusement and embarrassment.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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It's hugely embarrassing to my German friends, and a farce of incompetence.  What kind of architects and engineers are designing this place?????  Correspondence school graduates?


Perhaps the should just bull-doze the place and start over again.  Might be quicker that way.

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