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Belgium: Better bike deal for trains


Belgium's rail operator SNCB is seeing both a need and an opportunity in a better match-up between bicycles and trains, with increased onboard capacity for people who want their cycle at hand when they get to their destination.

The rail system will increase the number of bicycle spaces in its train fleet by over 50%, most of them accessible by customers without needing a staff member to help. Within four years, the number of spaces, which carry a €4 charge, will reach 6,700. Folding bikes go free under seats.

There will also be a big increase in covered attended parking at stations for commuters; with the growth of electric bikes, more people want a more secure storage place. The total of bike parking spaces will grow to 150,000 from 108,000.

The plan is based on recommendations made by cycling advocacy groups in an April report. They fit with the goals of Belgium's Mobility Minister, who said “For one, I want more people to abandon their cars for the train. Secondly, I also want to make the bike-train combination even more attractive.”

According to SNCB, “Bicycles are playing an increasingly important role in train travel, a trend that has accelerated with the Covid-19 crisis.” They also foresee a demand for a bigger and more accessible shared bike program.

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