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Beautiful Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens


While in Daytona Beach Florida, we had a great exploring the area and doing some of the local activities, including the beach.  One of places we visited was the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens.  We had been at the The Casements  and The Rockefeller Gardens earlier, and it was just a short walk from there. I am so glad we decided to visit. They were absolutely amazing, even if it was incredibly hot and muggy (it is a rainforest after all, lol). The highlights were all the amazing plants and animals we saw while walking around.

Ormond Gardens2Apparently the gardens were designed by noted Belgian-trained Chicago landscape architect, Henry Stockman in the 1940s, and is situated on approximately 2.5 acres at the southeast corner of Granada Boulevard between Seton Trail and Halifax Drive in Ormond.

Ormond Gardens3Like I said earlier, this place feature s native and exotic plants as well as water features including tranquil ponds and a relaxing waterfall, artisan-designed walkways and a stately gazebo. It was so peaceful walking around. I don’t know if it was because of the heat, or time of day, but we had the place almost to ourselves which added to the serenity.

Ormond Gardens4The gardens contain five ponds that are home to numerous turtles, frogs and fish. Aquatic plants such as water lilies and water lettuces offer food, shade and natural cleansing within the ponds. We never saw any frogs, but we saw many turtles and fish. I know frogs were there because we could hear them making noise, we just didn’t see them.

Ormond Gardens5Because of the lilies and several bridges over the ponds, I had a similar feeling to when we visited Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny .  They were beautiful.

As I have stated on previous posts, I love waterfalls. We spent quite some time watching it cascade while taking some pictures and video. I have attached one of the videos. Hope you enjoy it.

Ormond Gardens6We really enjoyed our visit and time spent at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. It is a very short drive from Daytona, and something you should check out when in the area. 


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