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Bangkok: Statues for Sale


While wandering through Bangkok, on my way to a river ferry, I was a bit surprised to be confronted by a lobster and a gorilla, side-by-side at the sidewalk.


A friendly-enough-looking gorilla, I'll admit, though I didn't get the same vibe from his crustacean companion.


As it turns out, they were not alone; a veritable raft of creatures and people were laid out in the forecourt of a company called Asia Collection on one sign and Asian Enterprises on another.


Following my usual pattern of "Shoot (pictures) first and ask questions later," I collected these images, and waited until I was home again to look them up. Asia Collection, it turns out, is parent to two companies called Masaya and Bronze in Thai, founded in 1984. The two companies make bronze or bronze-accented furniture and statues; this was their showroom.


Their website says they've exported their work to over 30 countries, either stock pieces or custom work, including "Statues & Busts, Fountains, Columns & Pedestals, Tables & Chairs, Lamps, Figurines, Animals, Vases, Flower Pots, Fireplaces, and many more."


So now, if you're decorating a palace or a park or a sculpture garden, you know where to go...



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