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Backwards Distilling Company, Casper, Wyoming


Last September we took a trip to Casper, WY and had a fantastic time. We were able to see many different types of animals and try different types of local craft beers. However, one of our more unique and interesting experiences was visiting Backwards Distilling Company. We have been to many breweries, but only one other distillery, Jack Daniels in Tennessee. Thus we were excited to do their tour.

Backwards-AmberOne thing that also made this tour special was that it was led by Amber, one of the four founders of Backwards Distilling Company. I guess I had read that before and forgot, so it was a great surprise to get to meet on of them. She is a great tour guide, obviously knowledgeable and was thrilled to share their excitement and vision of the company.

Backwards-Inside-1As you can see from the pictures on this post, they have many kettles and pots used in the process. I won’t go into the whole process (that’s her job, lol) but I will say it is a lot of time, water and yeast.

Backwards-Inside-2She explained what each kettle did and it what steps the vapor, etc moved from one to the other, and how long it took. Time varied greatly depending on what product they were making that day. They make different types of gin, vodka, and rum. She also explained the barrels, and their importance in the distilling process. Many spirits are stored for years in these barrels. It was quite interesting.

Backwards-BarrelsAfter the 45 minute tour, we happily settled in for a 15 minute guided tasting of some of their spirits. (I think it took longer than that, but who’s counting, lol). They were all wonderful and she was clear on sharing the volume of alcohol in each sample we tried. They had a Cinnamon Moonshine which I fell in love with.

Backwards-Bar-2After the tour, we set around for a while and enjoyed a drink. My featured the cinnamon moonshine and was called the Miss E. Calhoun. They have some amazing names for some of their drinks, too many to list here. However,  I do want to share a few words that they have printed on their menu and on their website:

Backwards-Bar-1Backwards Distilling Company was born of an appreciation for fine spirits and a propensity for the unusual. The founders of Backwards have always sought those aspects of the world that are unique, that have a little bit of quirk, that fall outside the norm. In that spirit, the Pollock family imagined a brand that would reflect and celebrate these traits. Backwards Distilling Company is proud to present our colorful cast of characters, Ringleader Vodka, Sword Swallower Rum, Contortionist Gin, and Strongman Gin. Prepare to be amazed! These spirits are crafted grain to bottle in small batches in our Wyoming distillery, giving them plenty of personality. We invite you to embrace the unusual and experience Backwards Distilling Company.

Backwards-Bldg2We had a phenomenal tour and can't think Amber enough. I learned a lot more then I did on the Jack Daniel's Tour. I loved the drinks we shared and hope to visit next year on our way back from Montana. Best of luck to Backwards Distilling Company. Here is a link to their website with hours, and tour information. Please make sure to stop in if you are in the Casper area.



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