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Austrian kangaroo takes last hop (No, not Australian)


Kangaroos are a big laugh in Austria, where many souvenirs joke about people's confusion between Austria and Australia. But yes, there really ARE kangaroos in Austria—but just now, one less.

While kangaroos are not native to Austria, there have been a few in the news from time to time, usually escaped pets or zoo animals, and they're usually recaptured. 

But for the past year or so, a kangaroo of unknown origin had been repeatedly spotted along back roads in Carinthia, in southern Austria. Attempts were made to capture it, but each time it leapt to freedom. Eventually the attempts stopped.

But last weekend its luck ran out when it was too slow crossing a road in the town of Mauthbrucken. It was hit by a taxi and died.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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