Sept. 5, 2016: Gaspesian British Heritage Village


I’ve been to New Richmond many times but this time a missed turn brought me here.

Located on a piece of land named Duthie’s Point, this tourist attraction opened in 1989 has historical importance since it was home to Mi’gmaq, Loyalists and possibly Acadians. 



20160802_125907_HDRThis site was devised as a way of bringing together the many communities of this beautiful area of the Bay of Chaleurs: Mi’gmaq, French, English.  The many buildings, dating from 1780 to 1910, showcased at a village brings forth the historical contribution each of them made to the development of this region.



The village of 40 acres is composed of more than a dozen buildings where each has its own purpose, be it an exposition of clothing, an antique shop or artwork. At the end of the village, you can visit the lighthouse.  We didn’t go that way because it was undergoing major repairs and were pressed for time.


One downside, there are no interprets on the site, except in the Military Museum but it’s still is interesting to see all the old artifacts. The walking path is nice it being in the forest with some gardens along the way.



If only for the memories and stories the objects and houses bring back, for 5$ CAD, it’s worth stopping.


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