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Atlanta tells TSA 'shape up or ship out'


Atlanta's airport operators have let TSA know that they consider the ever-increasing security queues, long enough at times to make travelers miss connections, are a big issue, and are willing to hire a private contractor to replace TSA at the airport.

Atlanta TV station WSB reported on a copy it obtained of a letter to TSA from the airport's general manager, saying that the issue requires action "with 30 to 60 minute backups becoming more common" at the world's busiest airport. The situation has gotten worse in recent years because of "TSA staffing shortfalls," which were only partly relieved by a small increase last year.

TSA has responded that it recognizes the problem and wants to work with the airport to solve it, but made no concrete proposals. Under TSA's Screening Partnership Program, airports can choose to replace TSA screeners with approved companies; about two dozen U.S. airports have done so. Most are small airports in remote areas, but the list also includes a few larger fields, including San Francisco International and Orlando.

Photo: TSA screening at Denver (Dan Paluska / Wikimedia)


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