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At the Edge: Mountaineering over Manhattan


As if it weren't enough for New York to offer a new view from the sky that lets you look straight down to the street through a glass floor, here's another one that will let you dangle over the side of a skyscraper, held up by a cable harness.

The whole thing starts from The Edge, a viewing platform open to the paying public high above the new Hudson Yards development. For an additional $185, those whose hearts and minds allow them to can be kitted up with climbing gear and a specially-designed harness that lets them take part in The City Climb, with the help of two guides.

The climber then climbs 32 steps to The Cliff, where he or she starts up the 161 steps of The Stair (starting to see a pattern here?) that end at The Apex where the opportunity to lean out over the city happens.

Sorry, but Gumbo lacks The Nerve and The Inclination for this one!


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