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Artful exhibits lined up for Italy's museums


Fall is always a good time to find new exhibits opening at museums, but this fall in Italy includes some very special ones, featuring Van Gogh, Picasso and Caravaggio.

In Vicenza, home of the architect Palladio, one of his masterpieces, the Basilica Palladiana, will host 'Between Grain and Sky,' an exhibit of 40 paintings and 85 drawings by Van Gogh, matched with over 100 letters he wrote during the period, mostly to his brother Theo. Oct. 7 to April 8.

Picasso is the feature at the Scuderia del Quirinale in Rome, where 'Between Cubism and Classicism, 1915-1925' will examine the impact Italy had on his work. The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum and the Barcelona Picasso Museum. Sept. 17 to January 21.

A different Picasso Museum, this one in Paris, is the source for Genoa's 'Masterpieces from the Picasso Museum.' Although the organizers say the exhibition focuses on Picasso's 'Mediterranean roots,' the paintings cover a much broader slice of his work. At the Palazzo Ducale, Oct. 10 to May 6.

Milan's Palazzo Reale is the venue for 'Inside Caravaggio,' featuring 18 of his works, together for the first time. For the techie-artsy crowd, the paintings will be shown together with radiographic images of the paintings, revealing Caravaggio's process, editing and sometimes repainting. The loans from major museums include St. John the Baptist, above from New York's Metropolitan Museum. Sept. 29 to Jan. 28

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