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April 17, 2019: Church of St Gregory, Kirknewton, Northumberland.


Kirknewton is a Northumbrian village to the north of the county of Northumberland, about 6 miles (10 km) from the town of Wooler and roughly the same distance to the Scottish Borders. The village lies in the valley of Glendale, which takes its name from the River Glen, whose source at the confluence of the Bowmont Water and the College Burn lies at the west end of the village.


The church of St Gregory the Great is situated in the middle of the village. Parts of the church date back to Norman times, and it is famous for a carving of the Adoration of the Magi. The carving, on the wall of one of the oldest parts of the church, depicts the Magi, apparently in kilts. However, Christianity has been practised here long before this. In the 7th century, Saint Paulinus baptised Anglo-Saxon King Edwin of Northumbria at York, and subsequently many of his followers in the River Glen at Gefrin, nearby. A monument known as the Gefrin Stone is erected at this location.


St Gregory Churchyard contains 12 Commonwealth war graves from World War II (mainly airmen) and two from World War I. Mainly Canadian Pilots who were stationed at the nearby Millfield Aerodrome.  The war graves are shown above on the right of the image.


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