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Americans still love road trips: 71% will take one this summer


A new Harris Poll tells us what we must have known. Beyond cruises and flights, the classic road trip is still the popularity winner for U.S. vacationers, with 71% planning some sort of road trip this summer.


The poll, based on 2215 U.S. adults, turned up some interesting other numbers as well. The trip average is just under 1300 miles, and while there are generation differences as to who's likely to be going, they're not too wide once you're past the 79% of "millenials," with 64% Gen X, 68% Baby Boomers and 68% 'Matures.'


Families with kids (82%) are more likely to be on the road than those without (66%), which is not surprising with the cost of flying a family on vacation.


The poll also gives high marks to many car safety features, including blind-spot monitors (83%), adaptive cruise control (77%) and built-in GPS (73%). But as for self-driving cars, only 42% think it would make them safer; most are willing to do the driving instead of Google!


For details and more, see this report on the Harris Polls website       Photo: Harris



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