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Alaska: Into the Wilds


Before our cruise through the Inside Passage, we experienced a several-day land excursion in Alaska. It was a wonderful time to see the vastness of Alaska, the beauty of the natural habitat, the variety of animals, the people, the Pipeline, the National Parks and the beautiful fall scenery.

02 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 037 Discovery River Cruise01 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 071We started with a Discovery River cruise from Fairbanks

Each of the locations had a unique habitat and people, but all united by the very vast expanse of the natural landscape. At each location, tour guides and companies were employed to help us enjoy the activities and scenery.

03 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 02504 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 02705 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 077More scenes from the beautiful Fairbanks area

Perhaps our pictures will give you an idea of how exciting it was, and perhaps you'll decide to experience it, too!

06 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 11107 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 113Traditional dress, and an encounter with sled dogs. Below, salmon drying

08 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 14909 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 162No danger: the moose is stuffed! Below, more views of Fairbanks, including this dawn view over the water

10 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 02013 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 208

Before leaving Fairbanks, we got a chance to put our feet down on the famed Alaska Pipeline

11 2022-09-08 Alaska Fairbanks 17914 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike 1615 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike 0916 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike 45On our Denali Horseshoe Hike, we encountered trees with bear scratches and a large beaver dam

17 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Wilderness Express 00518 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Wilderness Express 06019 2022-09-09 Alaska Denali Wilderness Express 074Part of our Denali experience was in a glass-topped Denali Express bus that gave lots of opportunities for pictures of the spectacular landscape.

20 2022-09-10 Alaska Denali Bus 02322 2022-09-10 Alaska Denali Bus 080Another view in Denali was this quite fat bear along a colorful roadside. Below that, fireweed grows in the area.

24 2022-09-10 Alaska Denali Bus 09823 2022-09-10 Alaska Denali Bus 08725 2022-09-11 Alaska Talkeetna 28
We also visited the town of Talkeetna (above) where we had another opportunity to observe sled dogs in their home settings27 2022-09-11 Alaska Talkeetna DoGoneIt 2528 2022-09-11 Alaska Talkeetna DoGoneIt 29

And, at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, we met two wilder members of Alaska's wildlife: A large musk ox and a white-furred wolf

29 2022-09-12 Alaska Wildlife Conser Center 3930 2022-09-12 Alaska Wildlife Conser Center 68


Images (27)
  • Alaska Fairbanks river cruise
  • Alaska Fairbanks Discovery River Cruise
  • Alaska Fairbanks park
  • Alaska Fairbanks park
  • Alaska Fairbanks reindeer
  • Alaska Fairbanks village traditional costume
  • Alaska Fairbanks traditional sledding dogs
  • Alaska Fairbanks salmon drying
  • Alaska Fairbanks stuffed moose
  • Alaska Fairbanks dawn over waterway
  • Fairbanks Alaska pipeline below our shoes
  • Alaska North Pole with Santa
  • Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike
  • Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike bear scratches along the trees
  • Alaska Denali Horseshoe Hike beaver dam
  • Alaska Denali Wilderness Express glass-roof train
  • Alaska Denali Wilderness Express cloud formations
  • Alaska Denali Wilderness Express views
  • Alaska Denali Bus tour
  • Alaska Denali Bus tour landscape
  • Alaska Denali Fireweed
  • Alaska Denali bear at roadside
  • Alaska Talkeetna town
  • Alaska Talkeetna DoGoneIt sledding dogs
  • Alaska Talkeetna DoGoneIt sled dog
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center muskox
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center wolf

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