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Airstream and Porsche put their heads together


What do you get when you combine America's iconic riveted and streamlined aluminum trailer together with a design studio whose founder designed the body for the Porsche 911? You get an unusual concept vehicle that's on show this week at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

The Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is the result of a "what if" collaboration between two expert teams with decades of combined design experience. The Studio F. A. Porsche team was charged with envisioning a next-generation Airstream trailer that incorporated elements from the design playbooks of both brands. Its founder, was a key player in the family's design of the 911.

Among the ideas previewed in the prototype are a pop-up roof for added space and headroom, a lower suspension to allow the trailer into standard garages and a two-piece hatch and tailgate at the back that's configured for attaching awnings, and easier loading.

Changes inside include moving some mechanical components under the floor for more seating and sleeping space, and even a provision for a bath. There are also changes to make it easier to tow it behind an electric vehicle.

There are no plans for actual production of the concept, but Airstream's CEO Bob Wheeler told press that "While our concept projects don't always reach the marketplace, the resulting lessons and innovations often influence present and future designs as they make their way into our main product lines."

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