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Airlines giving back? Two big surprises...


Airlines have a reputation for nickel-and-diming passengers with fees and charges, but two of them have come up with surprise reversals this week, and one of the changes is permanent.

Allegiant, one of the ultra-low-cost-carriers gave passengers (above) on a Friday flight from Orlando to Owensboro KY a surprise "tax refund" on the traditional tax day by refunding their airfare. It will be doing it with another flight today, and one tomorrow, and three on Monday, this year's actual tax day. They're not announcing in advance which flights, though.

Delta, meanwhile, made a less spectacular move, but a welcome one, reversing the trend toward only adding charges. The airline has eliminated the $25 per ticket surcharge for making reservations by phone, and the $35 surcharge for buying at an airport or ticket office counter. 

Most airlines have similar charges, designed to push customers to buying tickets on the airlines' websites, which reduces airline costs. It's also had the effect of pushing less tech-savvy customers and those with more complex reservations into dealing with outside agents.

Will the others follow? We hope so! And will it start a trend of reducing petty fees for nearly everything? Well, these days that's where the airlines are making billions, so probably not.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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