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Airfare bill would roll back consumer protection

An airline-industry-backed bill in Congress would roll back the requirement that airlines and travel agencies advertise the fare you'll actually pay. Before the 2011 Department of Transportation rule—which has been upheld in court—airlines could advertise a lowball fare, and then tack on fees and taxes.


The old way, it was hard to compare fares because you didn't know what was included. Now you know: the price you see is the price. The airlines want to go back to the old confusion—and they call the bill the "Transparent Airfares Act."


Consumer advocate Charlie Leocha EXPLAINS why consumers should be wary of this.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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With the continuing unbundling of fares, it's important that  people get some idea of what their flight will actually cost.  


I don't understand the airlines opposition to it.  Most of them use the same tactics and it's unlikely someone won't fly because their true fare is revealed (though a few might not).  


People need clarity to make well-informed choices.  

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