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Airbnb to warn 'outlaw' hosts in Paris


Paris is Airbnb's most popular city, with over 60,000 listings—and a problem with the city's government over hosts whose subletting is illegal. Now the city and Airbnb have worked out a trial arrangement in which the company will warn possible offenders.

Subletters are limited to renting 4 months a year for their primary residence; any other property they rent out must be registered as a commercial property and has to pay commercial taxes. There are fines up to €25,000, but enforcement has been difficult because violations are not always obvious.

A recent investigation by The Guardian (UK) found that 41% of Paris's Airbnb listings were either rented out for more than 120 days, or rented by a host with more than one listing on the site.

Under the arrangement, the warnings will be given a 4-month trial to see if they are effective; it's not clear how far Airbnb will go in imposing discipline, but the Deputy Mayor called it "a step towards more responsible short-term rentals."

More details from The Guardian HERE


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