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AAA: 15,000 places that welcome your pet


If your dog or cat allows you to come along on vacation trips, you'll need this book.


The AAA has just published this year's edition of Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA Petbook, which lists AAA-approved hotels, restaurants and campgrounds that can accommodate you and the furry ones. The book lists all the planning information—policies, fees, sizes permitted, which places allow pets in dining areas, and more.


This is the 17th annual edition, and also includes tips for first-time and experienced pet travelers on packing, border crossing issues, dog parks and where to find a vet. 


And since you'll surely have your camera along, note that the book also has details on the AAA Petbook Photo Contest, sponsored by Best Western Hotels. There are prizes, sure, but nothing like the big one: the winning picture goes on the cover of next year's book. For more info, check out the AAA website.





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