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A Wealth of Roses


I don't often visit the roses at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, although its Cranford Rose Garden is one of the Garden's signature collections, and one of its most popular.


I can't say why I drift over to that side so seldom, because it is spectacular, especially in June. When I visited last month it was in full bloom, and made me resolve to return more often.


It's one of the largest rose collections in North America, and one of the most diverse; it includes literally thousands of rose bushes and tens of thousands of blooms, including some planted when the garden was first opened in 1927 as well as newly-introduced cultivars.


There are wild roses, old garden roses, hybrid tea roses, climbers, ramblers, miniatures and giants—they are all there, some in beds, some climbing lattices.


I had a hard time selecting a few images; I came home with dozens too many!



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