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8 ideas to grow your Travel Agency on Instagram


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The present and future promotional strategy of any Travel Agency should include actions on Instagram. The figures do not lie: Instagram is the social network with the highest growth and business potential for the coming years.
Figures such as its more than 1,000 million users, that 71% are under the age of 35, or that its largest niche is comprised of users between the ages of 25 and 34, makes us suppose that it is and will be a means of business marketing that we cannot ignore.

Certainly the conversation in physical sales of this network still has many restrictions that limit its potential, but considering that Instagram is the "younger brother" of Facebook, there is no doubt that it will become its promotional successor.

According to the latest Statista survey, 80% of users rely on Instagram for their final purchase decision.  In the US, 71% of companies already use Instagram as a means of Business Marketing.

To grow your travel agency on Instagram, you should also grow your Instagram followers. There are many ways to get free Instagram followers. Also there are some apps that can help you get real Instagram followers and likes in a short time. You can try an app named GetInsta. It provides you with an easy and secure way to get unlimited Instagram followers and likes.


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Next, we propose some ideas to get the most out of this social network and start profiting from the immense business traffic that it currently generates.

1.- Content is King
As with any promotional action, what we show the client substantially determines the results we obtain.

We should offer content that adds value to the target customer that we want to capture. Let's stop trying to increase our legion of followers and focus on getting real fans of our brand.

2.- Use the hashtags
Hashtags have become the most used search method by users.

To find out which hashtags are best for your posts, you can use the web:

Remember that, although there is no limit to putting hashtags, what many experts recommend is between 3 and 9 per publication.

3.- Make call-to-action
A travel agency is not the Prado museum, where people come to see our fantastic graphic publications.

Use call-to-action that generate conversations and allow you to interact with your followers.

4- Make raffles and contests
They are actions that give a great result among any generation.

It does not have to be Trips to the Caribbean "on all trains". Collaborate with a supplier: a hotel for example and give visibility in the promotion in exchange.

Or if you have your own product, what better way than to draw 2 seats from the bus trip to Paris that you have prepared? Surely you can think of better ideas, but it is a strategy that you should explore.

5.- Create a company profile
Do not use a personal profile on this network. Passing your profile to a company profile will not take more than 5 minutes and it is also free.

In this way, you will have countless advantages (more information on the results of your actions, the possibility of carrying out sales actions ...).

Doing so is very simple: In the menu, click on switch to company menu and carefully fill in the information requested.

Much attention to the BIO section, this is what most people see and the key to achieving materialize your sales.

6.- Post regularly
It is impossible to know what prevails the algorithm of a social network to give us more visibility.

But if something is clear, it is that publishing continuously and of course that the content attracts our target audience, is the most effective way to ensure good organic traffic (that is, that Instagram shows more followers our updates for free ).

7.- Ask and especially answer laughing
We are currently lucky to be able to ask our potential customers directly what they need, what they want, or how they want it ...

We should use it to optimize our publications and provide them with what they really need and what they are willing to buy.

It is also essential that we answer all the comments that are made on our site.

Stop to think how many Likes you give a day, compared to how many comments you make in publications ... Someone who bothers to participate in our site, certainly deserves our attention and is closer to being a real customer.

8.- Show clients to your clients
Ask those clients who are traveling to send you photographs, do not wait for them to do it, ask yourself.

The mirror neurons act here in such a way that it is the best advertisement of the destination and your agency to get that call to action of the client and her contact or visit to your Travel Agency.

These are some of the recommendations that we make to continue growing in this and any other social network. There are undoubtedly many more actions that we can implement, but we advise you to initially search for those that may be most useful to you and focus our efforts on carrying them out optimally. The most easy and simple way is to try some great Instagram followers app, such as GetInsta that is mentioned at the beginning.

Remember that according to the latest studies, social networks could very soon become the largest search engine on the Internet (yes, yes, they could even surpass Google), so we should establish from now on, if we do not have it yet, a solid strategy of our presence in social networks.

We wish you many clients and especially many sales.


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