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8 curiosities of Canada that will blow your mind!


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Beyond its development and strong winter, Canada has some curiosities you surely do not know. So be ready to have your mind blown and be encouraged to learn much more about this wonderful country.

Here you will find 8 curiosities, so keep reading!

##1- Canada has two official languages, not only English

Most likely, you know English as the official language of Canada. However, not only is English the protagonist but so is French.

Not only did Great Britain take over North America, speaking specifically about Canada, but it was France also: However, although its power did not last and ended soon, the French language and culture remained, which is still latent today in places such as Quebec, New Brunswick, and Manitoba.

##2- The national animal of Canada is the beaver. Adorable and awesome?

It wasn't always cute and awesome. Canada's national animal brings with it a history where they were almost extinct because of fur trappers, traders, and battles over who would be the region's fur king. As a result, it became the national animal in 1975, a vindication of this tender creature.

##3-Canada is one of the countries with the highest immigration rate. Can you believe it?

People immigrate to Canada for the potential development of the economy and the great opportunities that exist. For this reason, the government has received almost a tenth of the refugees in the world, with the ambition of growing much more in its development to sustain the economy. So if you read about new projects in Canada where they welcome you, don't hesitate. Every year, there are plans for you to travel and achieve many dreams.

##4- Canada was a Monarchy, the old history of a kingdom

Sounds like tales from the Middle Ages? Well, Canada has a queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian monarchy is a parliamentary monarchy in which the monarchs of British hereditary succession are the sovereigns of Canada, so they currently have Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch and head of state.

## 5- Quebec is the only walled city in North America, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Quebec has something that makes it unique and special, and this is that the city has walls. These were first made by the English and later fortified by the French between the 17th and 19th centuries. This place has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Would you like to see this work of humanity? The Fortresses that this city has will make you travel back in time when the territory was disputed between the English and the French. Reliving history by touring the streets of Quebec excites lovers of the past and even those who do not know much about the historical battles of the world, specifically Canada.

We hope you like these curiosities about the greatness of Canada, a country known for its job opportunities and magical nature.

##6- Canadian Cheddar Cheese Is The Best In The World

Cheddar cheese is by far the best kind of cheese. If you ever visit Canada, try them out yourself before you leave. You might love them too!

##7- Canadians Love Hockey And Ice Skating. Careful. You can slide!


Everyone goes crazy whenever ice skating and hockey come up. The same thing goes for skiing. They enjoy these sports throughout the year as long as the weather permits.

##8- The Largest Collection Of Art In North America

You can find paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces from all around the world at the Art Gallery of Ontario. They have collections like these in many museums across the globe.

##Do I need a visa to visit Canada?

Yes, most countries need a visa to travel to Canada. We invite you to enter [Canada ETA Visa]. Here, you can register to obtain your visa easily and safely. A team of experts will help you achieve your trip.

Are you ready? Have these 8 peculiar facts aroused your curiosity to embark on a new adventure? We hope so. The immensity of Canada, both geographically and in terms of its opportunities, is waiting for you.


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