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7 Underrated United States Vacation Destinations



Maybe as long as you can remember, popular places like New York and Los Angeles have been immortalized in movies. 

But what if you're a seasoned traveler, and have already been in these places before? Well, discovering new travel destinations could be a challenge. Luckily, there is no shortage of cities in the US that can give you a touch of local flavor, historical significance, and vibrant nightlife. 

If you're looking for a place to go without breaking the bank, there are a lot of underrated United States destinations that you can go to as an alternative. Whether you're an experienced jet setter or just a curious traveler, here are some tourist secrets for you in the United States, land of the free:

Kansas City, MO

Known as the city of fountains, Kansas City in Missouri also has a numerous number of attractions and claims that it has more fountains than Rome. It's also known for its colorful Jazz history in the past. 

Stroll past its spectacular fountains during day time, or wait until evenings to see them all illuminated that shows off its exorbitant structure. Drop by the American Jazz Museum and learn how Jazz legends have defined their sound. Also, check out the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and marvel at the collection of Asian art. 

(Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)

Then, visit The Power & Light District, where everything is offered from entertainment, shopping, and dining. There are also frequent live performances there as well.

New Mexico

Found in between Colorado and the Grand Canyon State, some people often skip New Mexico. But that is a huge mistake. Why? Because New Mexico has its own fair share of natural wonders. From the Jemez Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns to White Sands National Monument.


Art lovers will love the capital city of Santa Fe. It's home to over 300 art galleries, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and has one of the biggest art markets in the country. Aside from cultural activities, the city also has hiking and biking trails, and winter skiing. 

The Indian Pueblo is a must-visit as well. There are a total of 19 around New Mexico, all of which offers an important educational experience.

Fort Worth, TX

If you're a cowboy at heart, then you'll fit right in Fort Worth, Texas. Unknown to some, during the 19th century, the place was once home to trading posts for real cowboys.

Over the years, Fort Worth has grown into a modern city with a vibrant nightlife scene, with lots of activities in the holidays. Tour the Black Eyed Distilling Co. where the first ever vodka handcrafted from black-eyed peas was made. 

Then, head off to the Kimbell Art Museum and appreciate works from famous artists like Michaelangelo, and Picasso. 

Take a stroll Sunset Square, where excellent bars and restaurants are waiting for you. Cap the night off Stockyards District where there are Western-style saloons and an indoor rodeo plaza, arcade and bar.  

The Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO


Nestled in Colorado, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado has some of the most breathtaking dunes in the world. It also gives an awe-inspiring views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain ranges.

Rising at 755 feet, The Summit Star Dune is North America's tallest. It's surrounded by shifting mountains of sand, deserts, and alpine peaks. 

So, make the most of your stay by exploring the gigantic national park. There are plenty of activities to do from hiking, sandboarding, fat-bike riding, and star-gazing. If you want to take a break and cool off from the sun's blazing heat, swing by Medano Creek, known as the park's secret beach, and the Zapata Falls.

Boulder, CO

Colorado is a breathtakingly beautiful place to travel. If you're the type who would rather avoid the highly populated Denver area, head off to Boulder instead. From there, you'd find yourself in the picturesque regions at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Hike or rock climb the sandstone cliffs of Eldorado Canyon State Park. 

If you're in the mood for some shopping, head off to Pearl Street Mall, where you'd come across a Sunday farmer's market, street vendors, and small shops. 

If you’ve been eyeing local restaurants in the area, check out the delectable bar food of Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery. For a classy, farm to table experience, drop by Black Cat. Don't forget to try their best seller, the Rocky Mountain oysters.

Sarasota, Florida


Visiting Florida doesn't mean taking a luxury beach vacation in Miami. Lesser known cities like Sarasota gives you all the essentials of a quality beach trip. 

Found five miles southwest from the city center, spend the day at the Lido Beach Resort. You'd appreciate the beach's ample space and calm waters. There are several recreational facilities such as a pool and picnic tables. Just walking distance is the St. Armands Circle, where you can come across a variety of shops and eateries. 

Take an interactive museum tour at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, where you'd witness thousands of Renaissance, Greek, Roman art and antiquities. 

If you're itching for an outdoor adventure, hike the trails of Myakka River State Park, Florida's biggest and oldest state park. There are two lakes and a river in the area, great for water activities like fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

La Push, Washington

You should probably head off to the idyllic coastal village of La Push if you're craving for a rustic, beach getaway. It’s surrounded by the Olympic National Park and known for its breathtaking beaches.  Experience the wonders of nature as you swim, surf, whale-watch, or go fishing.

Over to you

When planning your dream vacation, you shouldn't limit yourself to other major cities and popular tourist destinations. Because chances are ‒ when it comes to deciding where to travel in the United States, the possibilities are endless.  

So, if you want to find and experience America's underrated tourist destinations, add the following suggestions above on your list. By going to these lesser-known spots, it's easier for you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of this nation. So head there now, before everyone finds out!


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