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5 Major Places and Tourist Attractions in Palm Springs


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Palm Springs is a famous city in California and one of the most amazing vacation destinations in America. It is situated near the Sonoran desert, a scenic place which is located around four mountain ranges. From San Diego, you can reach to this place within three hours. So, it is a popular tourist spot for locals and they love to spend their weekends in this city. Palm Springs is stuffed with a lot of romantic hotels, welcoming restaurants, and amazing cafes. Apart from eateries, there are some other tourist spots that make it a wonderful destination. In case you are planning to explore this city, you need to search some important places of Palm Springs on the internet. In this travel guide, we are going to highlight some major reasons and spots of Palm Springs that entice you to choose it your next vacay destination. Book a flight and get discount on fares with the exploitation of Air Arabia Coupon Code from You can also book hotels, taxis, and other similar services with just a single click.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway:

Palm Springs holds one of the largest rotating aerial tramway. It is a wonderful ride which is really amazing experience for kids and adults. You can get the glimpse of various spectacular views like the Chino Canyon. From valleys to cliffs, you can view plenty of amazing sites. It is a wonderful place for camping and one of the uncrowded places.

Palm Springs Art Museum:

This museum is a collection of different art works and modern artists’ work. It hosts various exhibitions every year and they also provide wonderful workshops to kids and adults. If you are related to art work or interested in this kind of thing, then this museum should be on top of your list. It is a wonderful opportunity for artists to hone their skills.

Palm Canyon Drive:

A road drive is always fascinating for tourists and this ride around the Palm Canyon is really breathtaking. It is packed with shops, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and other fun things. It is a complete package for families and you can get discount on rental cars, flights, and hotels with the exploitation of after inserting Air Arabia Coupon Code.

Palm Springs Visitor Centre:

This centre is a complete activity for you because you can play, dine, and stay in this centre. You can shop different things like gifts for your loved ones from the shops. This centre welcomes visitors with warm heart and considered as the most visited places in Palm Springs. This centre is enough to make your visit slightly amazing.

Joshua Tree National Park:

Want to see epic sunset and rocks? Go to this national park and feel the natural feel of nature. This place is known for trekking, trailing, and camping. It is a great spot for adventurers and daring people. Use Air Arabia Coupon Code to book tickets at affordable cost after picking from

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