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3 Best Jobs for Travelers


The Dalai Lama recommends that everyone should travel to a place they've never been to at least once in a year.  But if you feel once a year is not enough and you should be traveling more often, then getting a travel job is a good option. This will let you indulge in your travel hobby and grant you with incentives while traveling. There are many ideas for having a traveler job. Be it a flight attendant or freelance editing jobs, if you love traveling, you should consider pursuing one of the jobs we are about to name.

Freelance Travel Photography


Photography is the best job for those who love to travel. Be it wildlife, wedding, nature, events, parties; photography gives you a chance to travel around the globe and meet new people. The bonus is that you can upload photos in bulk to micro stock sites and even sell these images for advertising. Thus, your photography could pay for your trip.  Once people start to ask questions about the places you capture, you know you are doing the right job, and then you can simply go ahead and scale your photography business.  In time travel and photography could become a full-time endeavor.

Food Blogger


Penning the taste palettes of different cuisines can be an awesome task and a tasty one too.  Plus, you get to experiment with different tastes from around the world.  From sharing food insights of the local place to inviting people to try the food you have tasted, this job could open doors for you.  Tourism is promoted and people have new exciting ideas for food to eat on holiday. There are many unexplored and hidden places to eat, which people like to know about.  Food blogs are popular and you can make money by blogging in this niche through various sponsors and ads.  If you are a traveler and have a great love for food, just start penning those experiences.



Uploading videos on channels such as YouTube and Social Media while traveling is the most amazing job. This is also the easiest way of making money as you are paid simply on the basis of views you get on your uploaded video. This can include videos of nature, animals, or even interviewing different people. People love to see quirky videos and enjoy them. Thanks to the spread of social media, even the sunrise and sunset videos get so many thumbs up on within seconds of uploading them. Just you need to take up a few courses online, and you are all set to go!

Apart from these, there are enormous other travel jobs to suffice your desires. Traveling is the best way of experiencing life, and knowing you who you are. The best part of the traveling job is that you get to see the world and decide the best place that suits you, so as you can even move there once you have decided to settle down. Traveling jobs thus provide with the opportunity of best of both the worlds.






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Opportunities to earn while travelling; I once met a young guy who had a small stash of electrical components and solder who made his way by repairing radios etc (usually a good clean was all that was required !).

It all depends on what you want to make from travel. Few jobs are well paid, but the freelance vision is most alluring - passive income sounds perfect.

I wish good luck to anyone giving it a shot - it's very satisfying and liberating. But don't be under any illusions - to make a living beyond your immediate needs requires quite a lot of actual work and application and not just lolling around on a beach ! 

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