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10-min. Vienna-Bratislava flight cut short


Sorry about the pun, but it appears that FlyNiki, an AirBerlin subsidiary, has cancelled plans to move part of its operation from Vienna to Bratislava and connect the two bases with an air shuttle. 


The flights, which would have lasted 10 minutes, but been scheduled for 25 to allow for take-off and landing, were to have started this month, but changing conditions led to cancelling all Bratislava plans. By road, the two airports are about an hour apart so the shuttle's only real audience would have been passengers transfering from one airport to the . The Bratislava airport is 15 minutes drive from Bratislava and 20 minutes from Vienna; Ryanair used to list flights to Bratislava as Vienna. 

MORE from Routes Online.    Photo: Wikimedia / Aldo Bidini


By the way, while it would have been the shortest scheduled flight between major cities, the champion for shortest scheduled flight is still LoganAir's route between Westray and Papa Westray, two small islands in Scotland's Orkneys. Depending on wind and weather it can last as little as 47 seconds. The Wright Brothers first flight was 59!


Here's a YouTube video that lets you experience the entire flight, including taxi and landing, in about two minutes...

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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