Why Studying In Turkey Is A Good Idea?

In case, you are planning to visit Istanbul for a Work and Travel Kayit  program then you should know that there are several other places in Turkey that can be considered for the same. Cities like Nedir, Basvuru Sartlari are few others that have good cultural exchange program and can be beneficial for any student. IN case, you have second thoughts or need to convince some friend to come with you, here are some cool reasons you can use to solidify your argument:

Multicultural: First of all, Turkey is a multicultural place due to its location and exposure. It is the best destination for all those who are looking for a balanced point between East and West. the landmass straddles with people from both Europe and Asia. its close proximity to Africa also brings in a large pool of people from that part of the world. It is a melting pot of culture where everyone can feel at home. For now, it is adobe to more than 30, 000 international students that come here to study and travel or work and travel.

Friendliness: It is very friendly to outsiders which means you are more than welcome here. With the rising extremism in so many parts of the world you might need a place you can call home that is known for both hospitality and warmth. You can always enjoy warmth of friendship with people from different backgrounds drinking tea and playing backgammon. Most Turks like company of international students and practice their English with.

 Apart from good people, Turkey is also home to several natural wonders. It has a vivid coastline that goes over 5, 000 miles and has four different seas washing its coast line. The Kackar mountains in the north-eastern end are a paradise for any hiker with several secret vallyers, rare wildlife, and wonderful picturesque scenes.

The vivacious capital city, Istanbul, has more than 12 million citizens. This fast-paced city is the only one two spread across two continents. It is encompassed by the waters of the Bosphorus strait and the Sea of Marmara and is a social center with amazing points of interest, for example, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. High on a rough slope inland is Ankara, Turkey's advanced capital with a memorable heart. The port of Izmir, on the shimmering Aegean drift, is encompassed by olive forests and vineyards and near Ephesus with its great Roman remnants.


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