Sex is the central ingredient in most couples' lives but varies greatly according to the individual preferences of partners. The Durex brand recently conducted a survey to find out where people prefer having sex. From the very comfy and classic bedroom to the beach and the office, there is something for everyone's taste and desires!

When it comes to sex, there are no rules and changes are needed to rekindle the flames between partners. While some couples consider having sex in exotic or unlikely places, others prefer to remain more classic and settle for a good old-fashioned bed, which also has many advantages. The important thing is, of course, that everyone benefits from having sex.

From the classic bedroom to the beach to the office, there is something for everyone!

1. The bedroom: not surprisingly, the first place is reserved for the good old bedroom and its very comfortable bed. The classics also have their good benefits and are still appreciated despite the urge to keep seeking new adventures. But that doesn't mean you don't have to use your imagination every now and then to spice things up, even in the bedroom.

2. The other rooms of the house: kitchen, bathroom, living room and even the garage (!!!) are also very popular places to make love. There's nothing like being at home to feel confident and relaxed!

3. The hotel room: another great classic that is always up to date. The hotel has many advantages as it is a new (and therefore more exciting) place, where you can put aside your everyday life and the problems and enjoy some quality time with your significant other. 

4. The car: much less comfortable than a bed, the car is nevertheless one of the favourite places for couples to make love. According to the respondents, it is mostly cars where the best sex takes place. The trick is not to get stuck between the steering wheel and the gearshift lever. Which is easier said than don.

5. The beach: With summer coming up, it's no surprise to discover that the beach and its warm sand are an especially popular place where couples enjoy their summer frolics. Of course, you have to put aside the annoying sand and the people who might pass by at the wrong time. Unless it all spices things up for you and your partner!

6. Camping: because apparently couples like to get away from home and the usual routine to make love and get away from the stressful world. Camping and tents are often chosen for private sex parties in nature. The comfort of a good, cozy bed is becoming more and more distant. 

7. Nature: an often-quoted fantasy, making love in nature is still very popular for couples, especially in the summer months. There is nothing like the pleasant smell of the herbs and flowers to boost one's libido, preferably far away from civilization. Because the wilderness is calling!

8. The office: last but not least, couples enjoy making love in the office or at their workplace. A way to relax a little. Some places are actually more appreciated than others for office sex, but be careful not to get caught in the act, as it could cause a few problems.



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