A small country situated in Southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro represents an inspirational country for every new visitor. Country’s geography spans from mountains with high peaks to a narrow coastal plain that does not cross the 6 kilometers wide range anywhere.


From the magical mountains of Mount Orjen to the luxury marine of Porto Montenegro, Montenegro offers a wide range of beautiful landscapes, picturesque sightseeing, and colorful restaurants and bars.

And the reason why I was so inspired by this country is not only by the natural beauties of this Adriatic sea-based country but also because the people in this part of Europe are shining with hospitality. This is my two-week journey through Montenegro.

Wilderness in the high peaks of Montenegro - mount Durmitor

When I decided to visit Montenegro and explore the beauties of this country, I was instantly attracted by the coastal region and its beauties. But a dear friend of mine and a great connoisseur of the Southeast part of the European continent suggested I should visit mount Durmitor before I go to the Adriatic Sea.


Even though exploring the mountains of Montenegro can lead you to some of the rugged terrains in Europe, nothing could stop me from going on an adventure to one of the country’s most notable peaks with a breath-taking view - Bobotov Kuk which reaches a height of 2,522m.

Four days spent in the wilderness of the Montenegrian mountains, with a sense of nature-connection and a bittersweet reminder that modern society is destroying every aspect of self-contained life gave me a great energy boost for the remaining day of the trip.

Incredible Boka Bay - where mountains kiss the sea

On the fifth day, I was headed to the other spectrum of the stunningly beautiful country of Montenegro - Bay of Boka Kotorska. The winding bay of the Adriatic coast where mountains kiss the sea. A whole bay is crowded with well-preserved medieval towns of Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Risan, and Perast.

When I arrived in a coastal medieval town of Kotor, the first impression that left me speechless was a sight of a fortress, spreading all the way to the mountains. Packed with tourists, local antique shops, restaurants, and architecture that goes back to the Middle Ages.

boka-bay-kotorA fortified city that on the UNESCO’s world heritage list is not the only medieval fortress in the area. A beautiful old town of Perast, known for it its two islands - St. George and The Lady of the Rocks - gave me out of this world experience.

Buying a ticket to the local boat that cruises every half an hour to the island and back was one of the greatest decisions on this journey. A church on The Lady of the Rocks island reminded me of the Venice architecture. Actually, the whole bay has a similar vibe.

Apart from the vibrant over-the-day atmosphere, night clubs, especially in the old town of Kotor offers an unforgettable experience. Every night during my stay there, I visited the local jazz club situated in the heart of the fortress. Great local bands along the projection of golden-era Hollywood movies on the wall outside the bar made every night look like a beautiful dream.

Of course, the unacclaimed symbol of the old town are cats - they can be seen everywhere - from the streets to the printed T-shirt motives. And if you are looking for romantic, ambient experience surrounded by rustic walls of the fortress, then you are in the right place!

A luxury marine of Porto Montenegro - the yachting world of Montenegroporto-marina-night-boats

For the last day of my stay in Montenegro, I had to choose something spectacular that will lead up the expectation build by the previous places I had the chance to visit. That is why my choice was pretty simple. Porto Montenegro, a first and only Platinum-rated marine with luxurious yachts, marvelous village, and breath-taking landscapes.

Only a fifteen-minute bus-ride from Kotor and there you are. A naval shipyard bought by a Canadian businessman was turned into a luxury marine where you can see some of the most expensive yachts and boats in the world.

A coastal town of Tivat has a renaissance architecture and, even though the youngest city in the Bay, it offers an unforgettable experience by mixing old and new. Since of the Montenegrian airports are located in Tivat, I had one last peak to the marvelous bay of Boka Kotorska until my plane reached an altitude that lost sight of this truly inspirational destination.


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