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London is considered to be the most visited city in the world travel map. Tourists from all over the world flock to this city for visiting historic monuments, massive architectural marvels and richest art treasures in galleries and museums. Whether you wish to travel on a private jet charter rental or want to reach London on economy class, the city will never fail to amuse you.

Let us introduce here top 10 London attractions that you should visit in 2018.

  • Wesminster Abbey: Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest churches in England with a history of 1000 years. This huge Gothic architecture with its echoey cloisters and mosaic-covered chambers and intricate stonework draws travelers all years round and is a must visit London attraction. 
  • London Eye: No trip to London can be considered complete without experiencing this iconic wheel that offers spectacular views of the whole city. Being lit up in various seasonal colours it offers awesome spectre from far away.  
  • Soho: Soho with its dark alleys and cosmopolitan, alternative avant-garde culture is one of the most popular neighborhoods that offer a glimpse into a different aspect of London. If you want to immerse in a punk atmosphere in the heart of London, there is no better place than Soho. 
  • Chinatown: You can find Chinatown in many cities all over the globe but the one located right around the Gerrard Street of London literally offers the most authentic Chinese flavor in its Chinese lanterns, eye-candy red arches, beautiful shop windows decked in Chinese novelties and chic neighborhood. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants serving authentic Chinese delicacies and environment. 
  • Buckingham Palace: There is no London heritage that boasts of so much of authentic royal taste and culture as the Buckingham Palace. Being home to the British Royal Family since 1837 this gigantic palace is one of the most visited London attractions that have 775 rooms and a famous private garden. The Changing of the Guard ceremony at the palace is one of the most famous attractions that draw millions of tourists all year round. 
  • The British Museum: The British Museum is Britain’s most celebrated museum boasting of the collection of world's finest antiquities that include as much as 13 million artifacts belonging to the antiquity and ancient time. It houses the famous Egyptian mummies, Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone and many other famous artefacts from ancient civilizations of different eras. 
  • National Gallery: It is already ranked as one of the top art museums of the world. National Gallery boasts of literally an exhaustive collection of European paintings from 1260 to 1920. The museum houses many of the greatest masterpieces of Dutch and Italian masters from the Renaissance era. Some of the famous exhibits include the Madonna and Child by Leonardo da Vinci, The Entombment by Michelangelo, Venus and Mars by Botticelli, Sunflowers by Van Gogh, and several others. 
  • Tate Modern: Tate Modern offers one of the grandest modern art collections that houses many great impressionist, expressionist, surrealist, and cubism masters. While you can immerse yourself in the finest modern art collection for hours, a fast paced ferry over the Thames river will take you to the other side of the river to the Tate Britain with its historic collection of British masters from different eras. 
  • St. Paul's Cathedral: It is the biggest and most visited London church and one of the stunning examples of cathedral architectures in the world. With a twin Baroque towers and a stunning 365-foot dome it epitomizes one of the best architectural achievements of early medieval era in England. Walking the stairs inside while eyeing the gorgeous interior artwork of the dome is an experience you will cherish for years. 
  • Madame Tussauds London: Madame Tussauds is famous for housing a stunning collection of wax statues made after most famous celebrities from around the world. So, if you still dream of having a face to face rendezvous with your favorite musician or movie superstar, you can find all of them posing as lively as in real life. These statues offer you the scope of capturing selfies with the famous personalities within the same frame. 

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