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Everyone's been very helpful!  I can't tell you what a great welcoming and helpful group of people you are.


My uncle is an employee of Delta, so he has some kind of free ticket that requires me to fly on Delta only (no partners).  I will have him check into the dates.  I like the idea of flying up to Manchester, slowly working my way to London then returning from Paris.  I think going to Amsterdam is more than I can bite off now, plus I want to spend the time seeing stuff, not traveling all the time.  But I hope to get there someday.


There's been some wonderful advice on how to fill up the time in England.  I like the idea of York.


I've got a big project to finish at University right now, so I think I can't do much more on this until the Thanksgiving break.  I will get my Uncle to get the reservations made, though.  I can see that's important.  Will sketch this out more during Thanksgiving, the hopefully make some final plans over the Christmas holidays.


So, I'll check in to the website from time to time but my degree beckons.


Again, you've all been wonderful and I'll tap your know-how again soon.  I like this idea of doing it myself (but with, as mom kept singing in the kitchen "A little help from my friends") 



Hi everyone!  I'm back.


Just arrived at my parents home for Thanksgiving.  Not had a lot of time to work on this trip since I last visited TravelGumbo, but some progress to report.  I have a firm ticket reservation for Manchester, returning from Paris, though a few days off the dates we talked about.  But 29 days in Europe!  Whooppeee!!


I have a guidebook from the Library which I'm going to go through this long weekend (one by Fodors).  I think this will help.  Anyone know of a good pocket size book of Eastern England/Wales that I can pack along with me. 


I've looked at the blog TravelRob did on Liverpool and lots of good info there!  I can see that Liverpool will be a highlight of my trip.


Still need to focus on structuring the time after Liverpool to London, but imagine we can do that. 


And Garry, thanks for the great photos of the Cuban cars!  I just saw them on the website.  Love old cars!!

England is only as big as Florida ! I haven't seen a Guide book that sub-divides us!

Wales is full of Castles, Mountains and Lakes.

Tourists often divide England between the North and South.

The North is often cooler and wetter than further South.

But your Dollar will go twice as far up here in the North!

And we're much friendlier.

Have a look at places you'd like to visit.

York (the old one) will keep you busy for 2 days.

Train or Bus from Liverpool.

Or a day or two in Europe from Liverpool Airport to anywhere Ryanair or Easyjet fly to.

Have a look at their routes from Liverpool.

Chester and North Wales are local trains -or bus - for a day.

There are many Hotels in Liverpool. Basic is still good quality. Bed , Shave and a Shower is all I need. They're all recent additions. Plenty of places to eat on a budget in the City Centre. We don't use the term "Downtown"

Prices for a night are from $40. Café Meals about $5 - 10. McDonalds and BK and Pizza places too. Or dine in the oldest Chinatown in Europe.

So decide what you want to see. Mountains. Train Museum. Art Gallery. Free stuff.

Architecture (Liverpool Cathedral) Old England. York Victorian Museum. Day trip to Amsterdam or Poland or Spain or North Africa !

You decide what you want to see !




Hi guys, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It was good to be with my family again.  Visiting and catching up with everyone took longer than I'd thought, but did do a little research into the trip and came out with this plan.
Basically, with GarryRF's advice, I think I'll focus my time in the north to save money cause my budget is limited.  After that I'll finish my vacation in London and Paris.  I need to find places to stay but more important now just to frame the trip.  The details I figure can be filled in later.
TravelandNature, I'd rather keep my exact trip dates private as I registered here with my name and the last thing I need is some nut to track me down to a hotel in a city on a certain day.  I'm not paranoid about privacy, but think it better to be cautious.  My timeframe is off some from what I'd originally thought, but it should all work out okay.
That said, I have 29 days, arriving day 1, leaving day 29.  This is what I've come up with so far:
Day 1.  Fly into Manchester. 
Days 2 and 3.  Explore Manchester
Day 4.  Transit to York (probably train). 
Days 5-6.  Visit York.
Day 7.  Transit to Liverpool (probably train)
Days 8-15.  Visit Liverpool and surrounding sites
- Day trip to Chester
- Day trip to Conway Castle.
? Day trip to Snowdonia National Park.  Not sure how to best access it,  Advice anyone??
Day 16.  Fly to London Ryanair or take train.
Day 17-24.  London, with day trips to
- Stonehenge
- Bath
Day 25:  Travel to Paris.
Days 26-28.  Visit Paris
Day 29.  Return home.
I think this has the makings of the trip of a lifetime!  
At this point I appreciate your take on the outline of the trip.  I realize I can't see everything but this gives me the chance to explore a lot.

Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a good Christmas.  I spent mine with my parents, which was nice.


I've been busy planning this trip that you've helped me with and I think I'm making good progress.  Largely starting to arrange places to stay and developing a list of "must see" things for myself.


Using the hostels and airB&B I've been able to get decent looking and affordable places for me.  I still need to find something for London and Paris, but the rest of the trip is mostly worked out.  Might need to go to couchsurfing in those capitals, though I do like a little more privacy than this.  I'm still pretty sure with a little more work I can find a simple place to stay in these two great cities.


Garry, I have a question for you as you are a local.  Is it worth making the day trip to Snowdonia for a hike (assuming the weather is nice)?  Hard to find much info on getting there for the day and what I could do on that day using only train or bus transportation.


I might have a few other questions as the trip date approaches.  Back home with the folks, who are happy to see me making the plans for this trip.  Flying back to school on Thursday.


Happy 2014 everyone!

Summer months are best - between May and September.

Snowdon is 3,560 feet high. Temperature drops 5.4 F per 1,000 feet of elevation.

This winter has been very warm so far.

So the snow will clear early if it continues to be warmer than usual.

You'll see the current Temps before you go up clearly displayed.

The weather can change suddenly so pack for wind, rain, sun and snow !

The Mountain doesn't warm up. It depends on which way the wind blows.

From the South = warm

From the North =cold


or if you're a serious Mountain Climber




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Thanks for the info on Snowdonia, GarryRF.  Sounds like just the place I'd like to be heading towards the end of my stay in Liverpool, to clear my head a little in nautre after all that history and culture I'll be absorbing.


Trip planning is coming along fine.  I  think I've got most everything I squared away right now that needs doing, and need to focus on completing my last months of university and my thesis.


Will post again if I have any questions before I go and will give some feedback when I get back from the trip.    Thanks everyone!   Don't have tons of time to visit this website, but it's got a lot of interesting stuff on it.  I need to get into it more when I've more free time.

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